You may remember a few months ago I mentioned some low level niggles the princess was having, and the visit from the vet that ensued... and his subsequent recommendation to try a product that has only just been released in Australia, 4CYTE. He was happy that this product was one of the few on the market that had some "real science" behind it to back up the claims the company was making.

I have since spoken to a few other vets, and the company themselves, and we are going to try the supplement out for 6 months and monitor our progress. One interesting comment came from an FEI vet over the weekend regarding peoples expectations of products, in that they will not make a lame horse sound, but may keep a slightly scratchy horse going for years as part of a good program.

The first sample has arrived, and 2 days in its all good - at least she will eat it.

If you would like to read more about the product, have a look here,  http://www.4cytevet.com/4cyte-equine/product-benefits-equine.

Since the frustration of the Dubbo competition, we are back to a snaffle and doing a lot of work where the princess is not allowed to rely on my hands for balance and security, and neither am I...it is one of the most difficult things I've had to do with her. As an inherently spooky horse, it's very hard to resist the urge to hang on 'just in case'.

Our next outing is CWDG in Blayney at the end of November, followed by a long hot summer and plenty of training in the leadup to our first event next year, the Advanced classes at the ThinLine Dressage with Altitude CDI in February.


Stay cool !