Want To Become A Sports Journalist?

CameraKnowledgeable horse people are invited to create their own blog within the Virtual Equestrian. If you have the skills to be a photo journalist your work will be featured not only within your blog but also in the main editorial areas of the site.

We have advertisers willing to pay for promotion of their sponsorships, products and services to an equestrian audience. Or you may have clients who are looking to get greater exposure for their message.

Either way Cyberhorse can offer an opportunity to earn extra income and maybe embark on a new career in the media. As the longest established internet site in Australia devoted to horses we have been providing news and views since 1996.

If you are interested please contact Cyberhorse here. You will be invited to submit a sample of your work and we will be able to answer all your questions. Applications are invited from all parts of Australia and participants can nominate any horse related activity as their preferred area for coverage.


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