New Event Sponsor Support Package

Event ArenaSponsors of equestrian events very often get a raw deal in terms of the exposure they hope to gain given that the rule of thumb regarding sponsorship is that 50% of such funding is supposed to be spent on sponsor promotion. Media coverage of most events is sparse and rarely are sponsors mentioned, let alone given the opportunity to promote their products and services.

Cyberhorse has developed the Event Sponsor Support Package to address this issue. It provides a means for event organisers and sponsors to ensure that sponsorship dollars are well spent and events get adequate media coverage.

Key elements in the Event Sponsor Support Package include :

  • Pre-event promotion featuring the sponsors involvement through the Virtual Equestrian web site
  • Reporting on the event via one or more of the Cyberhorse team of photo journalists
  • Post event advertising highlighting the event coverage and featuring continued promotion of the sponsors

Event organisers or sponsors can purchase a Sponsor Support Package for a single class or an entire event with discounts offered the more classes are covered. Established for 17 years and with 300,000 unique monthly visitors, there is a far greater chance that fans will discover the event coverage on the Cyberhorse Virtual Equestrian than anywhere else on the internet.

To find out more, please contact Cyberhorse by going here.

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