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Blogs Will Change Your BusinessVirtual Equestrian blogs are the perfect way to get your message out there. They are suitable for a wide range of uses:

  • Business Blogs are useful for providing informative articles about your business to Virtual Equestrian users. They are featured prominently throughout the site and can be updated by you whenever you wish. An inexpensive way to promote your business or service.
  • Equestrian Journalist Blogs are a great way to showcase your creative skills with the opportunity to progress your career in the media. The Virtual Equestrian will feature the best contributions and the most talented bloggers will have a chance to contribute paid work to us.
  • Club Blogs are a great way for an equestrian club or association to communicate with actual or potential members. In conjunction with forming a Group within the Collection social media area this could be the answer to replacing the club newsletter.
  • Horse Blogs can be used to feature the exploits of our equine friends. We are particularly keen to see ex-racehorses featured but any horse that you own or used to own can be included.

Blog access is not available to all Virtual Equestrian users. You'll need to contact us and tell us what you propose to do with your blog before we can set up your blog for you. Go here to tell us about your blog.

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