Privacy Policy

The Virtual Equestrian is owned and run by Cyberhorse Pty Ltd.

Cyberhorse has adopted and implemented a policy for protecting the privacy of personal identifiable information (PII). This policy ensures that your PII will not be disclosed to a third party without your consent.

What Information Does Cyberhorse Collect?

Cyberhorse obtains information from visitors to its site in the following categories :-

  • Names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses and other contact details for people who register as members of services such as the Virtual Equestrian, Virtual FormGuide or Virtual Saleyard.
  • On behalf of advertisers with sites hosted at Cyberhorse, names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses and other contact details for people who enquire about products and services offered by such advertisers.
  • Email addresses from people who supply this information in order to be included on Cyberhorse's email newsletter list.
  • Email addresses from people who otherwise communicate directly with Cyberhorse.
  • In cases where credit card abuse, malicious or defamatory forum postings or other undesirable activities occur or are anticipated, Cyberhorse may record the IP addresses of its visitors.

What Does Cyberhorse Do With This Information?

  • The non-financial PII collected is used entirely to facilitate communication between Cyberhorse and its users. This communication may take the form of email, telephone call, postal mail or facsimile. The matters communicated about may include offers from Cyberhorse to its clients, newsletters, subscription renewal notifications, Virtual Stable notifications, notice of site downtime, technical bulletins and day to day account administration issues.
  • PII relating to financial transactions such as credit card numbers or other payment arrangements, is only ever used by Cyberhorse in respect of the specific transaction authorised by the client providing it. Such PII will never be used by Cyberhorse to initiate another transaction without the client's specific permission.
  • Cyberhorse will keep PII relating to the amount of financial transactions where it is required for its own and/or its clients accounting information. Such information will only ever be available to the client to which it refers.
  • IP addresses and other information identifying individuals will only ever be used in circumstances where Cyberhorse or its clients may suffer loss or damage by illegal or malicious use of its facilities. Under such circumstances, Cyberhorse undertakes to use its utmost discretion to ensure that the PII required will be used only for that limited purpose.

Does Cyberhorse Make Information Available to Third Parties?

  • Cyberhorse has a policy that PII will not be sold, traded or shared with any third party without the specific consent of the individual involved. To date, Cyberhorse has not sought such consent and consequently no PII has ever been provided by Cyberhorse to any third party. Cyberhorse undertakes that in the event that such consent becomes necessary, users will be contacted and given the opportunity to opt-in to any proposed distribution of their PII.
  • From time to time, Cyberhorse will offer to a third party the opportunity to be involved in sponsorship or support of material to be provided to Cyberhorse users. Such sponsorship or support may be paid for by the third party. Under such circumstances, Cyberhorse will never provide PII to the third party, but will undertake distribution of such material to its users directly, in such a way that the third party will not have any access to such PII.
  • Cyberhorse does not aggregate the PII it obtains with any third party supplied data and the PII supplied by Cyberhorse clients therefore constitutes the entirety of the information that it keeps about any individual.

What Control Does an Individual Have Over the Use of Their PII?

  • Any individual can advise Cyberhorse that they do not want their PII used in connection with third party communication with them. Upon such request, Cyberhorse will not use the individual's PII for such communication. However, Cyberhorse reserves the right to use PII to communicate directly with its own clients while there is a contractural agreement between them.
  • Any individual may correct PII held by Cyberhorse on them, providing they can satisfactorily identify themselves beforehand.

How Is PII Stored and Accessed?

  • Cyberhorse stores PII in locations which are not normally accessable from the Internet.
  • Cyberhorse does not store client's credit card, banking or other information in a location or in a form which can be accessed from the Internet. On occasion, clients may provide such information to Cyberhorse by phone, fax or mail. Information provided in this form is also not stored in a manner which can be accessed from the Internet. Apart from normal use of such data for lodging financial transaction details with Cyberhorse's bankers, the PII is never divulged to any third party.
  • Cyberhorse has adopted a policy whereby all PII is stored in as secure a manner as possible. Data expected to be accessed by individuals is password protected by a password selected by the individual concerned. Internet security measures are employed by Cyberhorse to ensure that PII does not, under normal circumstances, become accessible to third parties.
  • If directed by an order made under law, by an officer duly authorised to do so, Cyberhorse will divulge PII requested, but only to the extent required by the terms of the order concerned.

How Can I Contact Cyberhorse?

If you need to talk with us about any privacy concerns you may have in using Cyberhorse, here are our contact details :-

Privacy Officer,
Hollybrook Stud,
47 Antimony Mine Road,
Victoria. Australia. 3340.
Ph: +613 9746 1217 E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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