Racehorse Outplacement

Racehorse Outplacement

Cyberhorse has developed the Racehorse Outplacement Program in order to combat the growing problem of finding a suitable career and home for ex-racehorses. 

Thousands of horses are bred every year with the sole purpose of making it to the racetrack. Whether they are successful or not, in most cases they have a relatively short career in relation to their life span. These horses are more than capable of spending many more years competing in an equestrian discipline or living out a happy life with a loving owner. 

The problem is that no one really wants to take responsibility of the horse and its future when its racing days are over. The trainers generally have a waiting list of horses to enter their stables and therefore need retirees out as quickly as possible, they are no longer their responsibility.

The owners in a lot of cases don't have the facilities to take their horses and are generally not inclined to continue paying bills when they are not earning their keep.

The Problem – Racehorse Outplacement

  • All racehorses go into work with high expectations among their connections, when these are not met they generally face an unfortunate future.
  • There is no racing industry sponsored "outplacement service" to help secure them a new career or home.
  • Some horses are placed interstate via a network of dealers
  • Some trainers diligently seek out new homes in the hope of giving the horse a great new life.
  • Others routinely send them to the knackery
  • Horses are entered in sales in the hope of finding a new home. In many cases this is a longer route to the knackery
  • The more dedicated equestrian may contact a trainer looking for a horse. If everyone gets lucky the right rider may get the right horse if they call at the right time.

The Solution - The Cyberhorse Racehorse Outplacement Program

  • Providing a comprehensive solution, capable of being supported by Racing Authorities nation wide. Racing Victoria has already demonstrated support.
  • Cost effectively present outplacement candidates to the equestrian community through Cyberhorse's internet based The Virtual Saleyard, The Virtual Formguide and The Virtual Equestrian.
  • To facilitate the owners taking responsibility for its "thoughtful disposal" by providing a variety of cost effective outplacement mechanisms ranging from "free to a good home" through to "retraining and resale" or "outright sale".
  • To provide a complete dossier on each horse including photos, racing history, pedigree and trainer's assessment of temperament, conformation and soundness for suitability of different equestrian activities.
  • A pro-active system to "catch them before they fall" by listing horses while they are still in training rather than after they have been retired
  • Includes the option for actively working with approved "outplacement consultants" who will be paid by the outgoing owners to retrain the horse for non-racing activities.
  • In each case to facilitate the best outcome by matching the horse to its potential new owner.
  • Allows for follow up on program graduates, producing news articles and reports on horses in their new career.
  • Provides statistics on horses listed, horses matched and overall success rates.

We are inviting expressions of interest from racehorse trainers, owners and prospective retrainers to contact Cyberhorse in order to discuss the Racehorse Outplacement Program.

Please contact:
Bill Saunders at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Grayson White at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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