Boeckmann at the Aussie Dressage Championships

Bockmann Float

Manfred Dobrow has been involved in the Australian equestrian industry for many years and has made a lot of friends.  He takes great pride, seeing an improved level of care and professionalism which has had an enormous impact on the standards which have helped Australians to make excellent progress and take their place on the world stage.

Manfred says, "The world is getting smaller and for Australian riders to be part of the big picture we have had to embrace the training, horses and technologies behind the globally respected European success."

"Berni, we go back quite a way and you have a good idea of the various projects that have kept me "interested and thinking" for a long time!  Boeckmann horse floats ... and soon their small truck range ... has been a very exciting venture which has introduced many new friends who have helped to expanded my horizons further.  I am looking forward to being part of the Australian Dressage Championships at SIEC from the 25th to the 28th October."  

"I will be taking up the Boeckmann DUO E model - it has been very popular and people are suprised by the price, a rather nice situation for most!  These floats were designed specifically for the very cost sensitive Australian market and I threw the Boeckmann's a challenge when I said, we want all of the important features, at a significantly reduced price!"

The Boeckmann DUO - fantastic value for money
Come to SIEC 25-28th October, and take a look at the finish.

Quite frankly Berni, I expected them to laugh or come back with a few "good" reasons why it could not be done. But to my pleasant surprise they have done it, and I am very proud to be able to show people a Boeckmann that gives them a shock because it seems too cheap - a good problem to have!"  laughed Manfred.

"I would also like to tell people that I will have a brilliant white Mega Master at EQUITANA - you can come over and drool! Everyone wants one of these top of the range Boeckmanns.  At the Melbourne Showgrounds for EQUITANA (15-18 November) I will also have a black Mega Master with a silver roof, as well as an aluminium walled Champion R and the entry level Duo R - so this will be the place that will have something for everyone."

"Boeckmann have really satisfied the 'wish list' that today's buyers have in mind.  When I first bought these floats to Australia, the super quality finish was something of a novelty and now we find that people realise that it is not only for looks, it is a high tech finish that withstands the worst weather and protects the structure from corrosive damage.  The finish remains good looking and like new, with  no re-painting required to protect against rust.  People will not accept less."

"I am meandering my way up the Hume Highway with a few stop offs along the way to see some Boeckmann clients - it is a nice way to mix business and pleasure - see you there."

Be sure to call in and say hello to Manfred and take a look at the DUO.  Also ask about the wonderful new Boeckmann compact horse trucks that can be driven on a car licence and more 'complicated' to handle than a 4 WD tow vehicle - this is the new innovation for conveniently transporting your horse and the equipment you need to carry.


Some of the standard features in every Boeckmann float are:

* Lightweight, suits a larger range of towing vehiclesOutstanding safety, travelling & comfort and easier loading: the CFFplus chassis, developed exclusively by Böckmann.
* Will not rust, no need for garaging
* Absolutely quiet with no rattles, great for uneasy travellers
* No flaking of paint, never needs repainting.
* Aerodynamic design, more fuel efficient
* Wider Floor Space.
* Tack room in every model

* Pictured right, the CFFplus chassis, developed exclusively by Bockmann for outstanding safety, travelling and comfort.


The following features, which are optional extras in Germany, are included on all Australian trailers free of charge:-
* Spare Tyre.
* Additional windows & vent.
* Third brake light.
* Aluminium Floor.
* WCF Suspension - [coil spring & Shock absorbers]

* Patented Panic release system dismount chest bars & butt bars without entering Float.
* No slip floor in float & on ramp
* Automatic Coupling
* Four wheel brakes & emergency breakaway system

As well as building about 6,000 floats per year (that's about 120 per week!) Bockmann also build every other kind of trailer from box trailers, to vans and tipping trailers?  Approximately 25,000 per year!  They also build individually designed trucks on the best brand new chassis available from Mercedes Benz, Volvo, MAN, Renault and Opel - from 2 horse to 10 horse and with or without accommodation. 

Boeckmann's Australian distributor is Manfred Dobrow, call him for a chat about on 0400 488 812 or email him on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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