Hot Weather Strategies - Ensure that your horse is adequately hydrated!

Kelatolyte150Australian summers are hot and dry and the season demands extra consideration to ensuring that horses are adequately hydrated for everyday exercise and competition. 

Many horses do not drink enough when they are away from home and dehydration is very difficult to identify until there are very serious signs ... and at that point the horse's health is seriously compromised.

Trainers and owners of horses involved in high exertion sports will include electrolyes in their daily feeding regime to ensure that their horses are protected and also that they do not have problems administering something new before an event.  Maintining the same routine is an important precaution to be sure  that all things go to plan.

Kelato Animal Health is an Australian company committed to supporting Australian horse owners who deal with harsh Australian conditions and the demands of caring for horses and giving them the potential to be their best.

As we approach summer, there is a very special offer with 2.5 kilos os extra product in a 20 K tub and you will receive a bonus towell as well.  Be sure to stock up and save!



Are the electrolytes in your pre-mix feed really doing the job?

Few people argue that vitamins, minerals and electrolytes do not play an important role in optimising the performance of equine athletes, and the idea of a ‘complete’ feed is logical.

Whilst pre-mixes might save time and bother, there is no way of ensuring your horses are receiving the amounts of nutrients stated on the label, and your horses’ nutrient needs can vary daily, depending on the intensity and duration of their work as well as weather conditions.

Like filling up fuel in a car, when it comes to electrolytes you must replace what is lost. Electrolytes are normally used daily in the body for many processes and the most commonly known “process” is osmotic pressure or fluid regulation. Electrolytes are normally excreted on a daily basis via urine. Further electrolytes are then lost through sweat; the more the horse sweats, the more electrolytes he loses.

If you’ve driven a long way, you’ll need more fuel to get back to a full tank. In the same way, if your horse is in heavy work or it’s a hot day, he will need extra electrolytes to replace what is lost. Feeding the same amount of a pre-mix feed each day will not necessarily give your horse the electrolytes required that day, even if you do feed at the full rate.

If you notice your horse is urinating excessively then you need to consider his feed! Pre-mix feeds have a lot of salt added to the bag which is not perfectly balanced in terms of the electrolyte ratio. It is also difficult to control how much salt your horse gets from a pre-mix. Feeding a large amount of unbalanced salt can cause excessive urination in your horses.

It is best to feed energy and protein as grains and roughage with vitamins, minerals and electrolytes added as required on the day. This is the best way for you to control the health of your horse.


A 500kg 2 year old thoroughbred in heavy work will need these electrolytes DAILY:

  • 22 grams of Sodium
  • 34 grams of Potassium
  • 13 grams of Magnesium
  • 58 grams of Chloride

The above electrolytes are present in pasture, hay and roughage in wildly varying concentrations. Low forage diets are low in electrolytes and are unbalanced for working horses’ needs. Pastures in Australia have naturally high levels of potassium which covers one electrolyte. The others need to be replaced for your horse to perform.

Kelatolyte150You need to feed a good quality electrolyte that is providing actual electrolytes for your horse and not just sugar and salt! Feeding just 30 grams of KelatoLYTE provides:

  • 6.5 grams of Sodium
  • 5 grams of Potassium
  • 1 gram of Magnesium
  • 14.5 grams of Chloride

For just 28 cents per 30 gram dose, ensure these crucial nutrients are replenished and your horse will:

Have a better chance of staying hydrated and maintaining body temperature

Have the ability to recover after exercise better.

Pass the new bicarb screening as KelatoLTYE is FREE from bicarb.

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