Lone Jorgensen endorses Boeckmann

boeckmanlogo150Manfred Dobrow has a long and respected history sourcing innovative and cost effective products for the keen and dedicated amateur rider as well as the professional Australian horse person.  Manfred was born in Germany and developed his interest in horses as a child, taking in the training philosophies and methods of the best in the world.


Even though Manfred has been in Australia for many years, he has made regular trips back home and stayed in contact with the most respected manufacturers and suppliers.


He says, “German horse people respect and engineering and safety features of Boeckmann horse trucks and floats and quite frankly, there was nothing like this in Australia.   At first, importing a horse float seemed to present more hurdles to overcome than the problems I hoped to solve.  The Boeckmann team has applied their usual “can do” approach and have worked with us to ensure that we meet the demands of the Australian buyer.  Most Aussies are really surprised when they inspect the range and compare prices.”


“As you know Berni, the Boeckmann Duo has been especially constructed to maintain the important safety features and has bee built to meet the cost sensitive Australian market.  The feedback has been sensational, and I could not be more pleased with the acceptance of Boeckmann in Australia.”


Berni, I would like to share a recent success with you and your readers.  “At Dressage and Jumping with the Stars in December, I had a well dressed German gentleman call to the stand and he was giving the “Big Master” I had on display a thorough inspection. I asked him if I could tell him something about the float and he said, how much and when I told him the price he said that he would like to order one.”


“I expected to engage in more discussion about the features and value for money and in the course of filling out the paperwork I discovered that “Ullie” is the partner of Lone Jorgensen the Danish International Grand Prix Dressage champion who is now based on the Mornington Peninsula and closely involved with Boneo Park.”


“Ullie explained that he and Lone were based in Germany, they owned a Boeckmann and were very confident with the safety features and trusted the Boeckman reputation when it came to transporting their precious horses and the horses of their clients.  He went on to say, that when they arrived in Australia they began the search to find a comparison.  They watched out for promotional material and visited the display yards of a number of Australian manufacturers but could not find a float that met their exacting requirements.


Ullie went on to say, “Then I discovered that Boeckmann Floats are available in Australia and here I am. I have done my research and the Boeckmann Big Master gets all the ticks on our wish list.”


Lone Jorgensen and her German coach Rudolf Zeilinger 
during their 2012 demonstration at the Boneo Park Masterclass. 


When Manfred delivered the brand new Big Master to Ullie and Lone, she said,


 “I have always had Boeckmann floats in Germany. In my opinion they are the best, the safest and the most comfortable for my horses. So I am very happy that I could buy a new Big Master here in Australia. “   Lone Joergensen.

Ullie and Lone show us their wonderful new Boeckmann Big Master float.

Manfred will have Boeckmann Horse Floats on display at the Sydney CDI from the 2-5th May 2013 at the Sydney International Equestrian Centre - pop in and say hi.

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