VALE - Carbine (Imp) 1996-2013

Carbinehead200It is with great sadness that I report that the beautiful black stallion Carbine was put to sleep last night (29th April 2013)

Last Friday, Carbine developed Colic, but all concerned optimistically felt it was caught in time to save this wonderful imported stallion who has sired so many of the leading competition horses in Australia. 

Sadly, he was not 'out of the woods' and suffered a second bout of colic and from there went slowly downhill. By last night he had passed the point of no return and he was put out of his pain.

Left - Bev Edward's favourite pic of Carbine taken by Roger Fitzhardinge

Carbine will be sadly missed by the many people that his life touched over the years and owners John and Bev Edward had a funeral for him today (30th April, 2013) at their Jaybee Stud in Queensland where frineds came to say their final goodbyes and he was laid to rest alongside two of Jaybee's other old heroes Skyhigh (imp) and Chico D'Óro.

Condolences to Carbine's friends and family both human and equine.

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