Get Your MOJO Working – Legal Performance Enhancement

HorsepatchesMojo300MOJO Performance wristbands and patches are embedded with holographic technology that has been used by elite athletes for many years and now this performance enhancing technology is available for horses as well as their riders!

Left - MOJO equine patches are attached to the headpiece of the bridle.  They are discreet and comfortable.

MOJO is the winning edge for some of the world’s most successful riders and trainers who endorsed the product in many leading specialist publications.

The benefit possibilities from wearing MOJO are endless because no two bodies are alike.  

Horse and Pet Direct for a unique and practical range for Horse and Rider

HorsePatchdetail300There are over 1000 negative ions in each patch and the holographic discs used in MOJO patches are programmed to work with the rider/horse's body's natural frequencies resulting in peak performance and instant results in most cases.   The holographic disc needs to be facing the hair/coat of the horse.

Wearing Mojo holograms can improve balance, strength, flexibility, energy and focus.  All top competitors recognise that success requires a carefully mapped plan and adherence to this program, good nutrition and attention to the things that will add a few percentage points to the performance potential of each horse and rider combination.  MOJO has given a winning edge to many top athletes both human and equine.


Above - Light and comfortable - MOJO wristbands come in Black or White

MarkToddMojo250MOJO has also been reported to help relieve joint and muscle pain, improve blood circulation, reduce swelling, alleviate stress, boost endurance to name just a few. The benefit possibilities from wearing MOJO are endless because since no two bodies are alike, the benefits received are unique to each individual being. There are over 1000 negative ions in each patch!

Left:  Sir Mark Todd wears his MOJO wristband and endorses the product in Horse and Hound magazine,

The Patches are attached to the bridle or halter by Velcro wraps and can be worn by riders as a lightweight and comfortable wristband. MOJO equine patches are sold in pairs

Now available on line from your new and innovative supplier,  Horse and Pet Direct

Be sure to add the web Horse and Pet Direct site to your favourites and check in regular for specials and new exclusive products that have been selected with the discerning horseperson in mind,

For more about MOJO, click here.


Above - William Fox-Pitt wears his MOJO
wristband and endorses the benefits.

Left - Frankie Dettori wears MOJO and writes
for the Racing Post magazine.









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