Goncalo Carvalho Conchinhas comes to Australia

HorseHead150In Jerez, Spain 2002 Spanish horses were showcased to wider audience of dressage and performance enthusiasts and in their home country, the Spanish dressage team took the Bronze medal. 

Two members of the team were riding very talented native horses and successfully dispelled the belief that the breed was not able to compare with the German and Dutch bred horses when it came to Olympic dressage as they lacked a quality extended trot and the athleticism required for a well rounded performance. 

98showMany people now acknowledge that the talented for Collection, Piaffe and Passage (the highest scoring elements of the Grand Prix test) gives the Spanish and Baroque horses such an advantage, that they need to come back onto the serious competitor's radar as most of the criticisms are unwarranted and very short sighted.

Right - one of the beautiful 'modern type' Spanish horse showing an exceptional ability to piaffe.

Spanish breeders and riders have built on the WEG success and at most competitions at the highlest level, the breed is represented,  and placing well against the best in the world.  The interest in Baroque breeds, and the special style that comes with their training, has lead to a spike in numbers in other parts of the world with many equestrians seeking athletic Boroque style horses to enjoy their beauty, trainability and willigness to be a much loved companion animal.

Australia's fans have grown into a very large and active group and this is an event which is sure to please the converted and help to add to the numbers.

Visit the web site for more information  www.equineeventsaustralia.com


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