Horse and Pet Direct - NEW, INNOVATIVE and ON-LINE

NormandyPromo200Horse and Pet is a new web based Equestrian Outfitter providing their customers a range of interesting and unique products from around the globe.

Following a period of planning and sourcing "just the right products" will go "live" on Monday, 27th May, 2013. 

The site will offer a buffet of famous brands offering an extensive and diverse mix of riding and casual apparel, saddlery and accessories you won’t find anywhere else.


Horse and Pet is committed to excellence and innovation - we know that our products and service will become the standard that gives us the edge.  Be sure to bookmark to be sure that you stay ahead, for the best buys and some fantastic specials.

Here is a glimpse of just some of the unique products that will enhance your riding and satisfy your love of the sport.


Joy of Dressage Pt 1-3 - Uta Gräf and Friederike Heidenhof Gräf and Friederike Heidenhof

Uta Gräf explains her methods: training that respects the horse, natural living conditions in
open stabling and international level dressage horses living in paddocks in large groups.
“Scrape off the mud and ride Grand Prix” is her motto. This new series of training films
featuring the internationally acclaimed dressage rider shows how it is done. Part 1
“Motivating the Horse”, Part 2 “Training the Rider” and Part 3 “Competitive Success”.


Wristband300 HorsePatch300
Mojo Future Tech - Wristbands and Equine Patches (Featured above and below)
as used and recommended by William Fox-Pitt and Sir Mark Todd

William Fox-Pitt wearing his Mojo Wristband


Sir Mark Todd - writes about Mojo



Equi Thème - Normandy Collection
Be the first in the beautiful range to reflect the excitement of the upoming 
Alltech World Equestrian Games to be held in Normandy France, 2014
- the perfect gift ... or ... just to spoil yourself!
NormandyCapBlue300 NormandyHoodie300




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