Clemens Dierks Supports Victorian riders

Sign200Following on from a successful and well attended April clinic at Fimister Park, 250 O'Grady Road, Kilmore,  Clemens Dierks will be returning on May 24th – 25th and 26th the last Friday, Saturday and Sunday in the month.

Clemens was the Australian dressage coach for 15 years and has guided many of Australia's leading riders to their position of prominence.  Deb Court from Fimister Park says, "We are looking to provide Victorians regular training and follow up for keen students of the sport looking to improve their training techniques and competition skills,  We all know you cannot do it alone ... and there is no one better than Clemens to honour dressage skills."

Please give Deb a call or send an e-mail if you have an interest in any one or more of the days to ride with Clemens.

"We hope to create a friendly community of like minded friends who support each other and make the sport fun.   I look forward to seeing everyone in May." Deb said

Check out the lovely Springtime pictures of Fimister Park


Deb Court and Clemens Dierks after a fantastic lesson with Sandro Star
Deb's imported gelding, now working towards Grand Prix.

The rolling hills of East Kilmore


Terry Court's Rose and vegetable garden

Deb and Terry Court with Sandro Boy

Bec gets Sammi ready for bed after a hard days work

Mandy Heather and her lovely mare have a good lesson with Clemens Dierks.

Pictures by Berni Saunders call if you need pictures of your horse 0422 38 1217

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