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Now it could be argued that information about a sale on horse related equipment is not 'news' but tell that to anyone who truly believes in retail therapy and who has a love of fashion and you will not be heard for the cries of dissent!  Couple that with the equine enthusiast's particular love of a bargain and you have information which is truly exciting!

As a member of the equine fraternity (and one of the above mentioned lovers of a bargain) I feel it my moral duty to inform you all of a truly remarkable sale being held at Ascot Saddlery in Flemington this week.  Last week Bronwyn and the team had a special on cotton rugs, details of which can be seen in the below attached flyer.  The Cyberhorse office made good use of this sale; I think I picked up a total of 6 combinations of rugs, neck rugs and combos for our team and friends!  When I was in there on Friday (collecting the sizes that had been ordered in for me) Bronwyn told me about this week's sale -  'buy a pair of childs Windsor pull on jodhpurs & get the second pair for a crazy $9, buy a pair of ladies Windsor poly sticker jodhpurs & get the 2nd pair for a crazy $19, buy a pair of ladies Winsor cotton sticker jodhpurs & get the 2nd pair for a cray $25' - you get the drift!  Now that is what I call a sale!  Apparently I gave her a 'look' which was greated with much laughter as my mind hurriedly processed how I was going to manage to justify yet more horse gear on my credit card!  I tend to work on the theory of 'don't look at what I spent darling, look at what I saved!'  Cyberhorse advocate responsible use of credit cards...

Now please note fellow shoppers, this is not a paid advertorial in anyway, the Ascot team are not even aware of this article (until you all flood in there telling them about it!) but I feel it my ethical duty to pass on details of the significant bargains to be had in there this week.  Why am I not keeping this information to myself to ensure I get the size and colours I want?!  Because the team at Ascot are not like some of our major retailers, who I'm sure order in only the oddest sizes for their sales - they have a full range and what's more if they don't have the size you need, they will order it in for you (at sale price!) provided you pay for them at the time.  What more could you ask for?!  Professional service and advice?  Great product range?  REAL sales when you need them?  I mean really, who has sales on cotton rugs in summer right when you need them?!  Ascot Saddlery!

So click on the link below to check out how you can look great in your new jods this summer and pick up a fantastic bargain at the same time.  Happy shopping!

Ascot Saddlery flyer

Apologies to Bronwyn for any formatting errors which may have appeared in the flyer in order to condense it for reproduction.


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