Customer Service - A Simple Message for EA

I had coffee with a friend last Thursday and flicked through the daily paper that was on the table.  I came across the enclosed article and immediately thought of just how badly this message has been lost on the management of EA (and some of the State Offices).  

People like to feel appreciated and the fact is, that most members of the organisation are only there because they want to compete and not because they support and like the way their governing organisation is managed.  They tell me that a change of the way their branch (and National) relates to it's "customers" is needed and also fear that the demise of member interest is a serious threat to the viability of the sport.

My experience is that Members are considered a nuisance with no rights and those who care enough to be outspoken enough to call for explanations and accountability are the considered to be completely out of line and troublemakers.

Many good people have "fallen through the cracks" (membership numbers have almost halved) as a consequence of an unresponsive management style and the Membership income and numbers tell the tale - will EA (and the States) survive ... or will we see a new or completely changed organisation emerge (as has happened in other countries where similar problems have occured) ???

If someone does not take some notice of the completely independent message that the Melbourne's Herald-Sun article (25th July, 2013) delivers, there is not much hope for the present model of management of Australian equestrian sport.

Apathy will not give us what we want, eveyone needs to push for transparency, accountability and change.


Customer Service is NOT a Shaggy Dog Story
see Melbourne's Herald Sun Thursday 25th July, 2013

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