Dynamik Stallions introduce their Dream Team of Pony Stallions for 2012

trussardi300x200The Western Australian based performance pony stud Dynamik Stallions ended 2011 on a high note, having achieved Australian record results at the Bundeschampionat in Verden Germany with their new imports Trussardi and Golden Rock.  These well performed dressage pony sires join Top Der Da and Don Philino who have already made their mark on the emerging dressage pony interest.  Dynamik Principal Kristy Jarvis has imported the German filly Coco De Luxe to take part in a very ambitious breeding program and strengthen her broodmare band.  Kristy sees that the German Riding Pony will make a significant impact on the fast growing market for serious competition horses of the smaller variety rather like the warmblood has done for the Olymmpic disciplines - in particular, Dressage!

Being an A level dressage judge through the period of huge growth in the number and quality of purpose bred horses coming into Australia, it is not difficult to see the specific bloodlines that have headed up the improvement which now sees our riders with a real chance to be compared with the best in the world. 

I am sure that most enthusiasts will acknowledge the role that Dressage (and Jumping) with the Stars(Click Here for Ticket details and dates for 2012) has played on bringing our focus into line with the leading performance horse producers and understanding how they need to be started and presented at aged 4, 5 and 6 if they are to go on and reach the FEI classes an an appropriate stage in their life cycle. 

Young Horse classes have united breeders, trainers and riders as now we have everyone "singing from the same Hymn book" in terms of what the stud produces, how it is backed and started and the impact of correct early training which will showcase good movement and a trainable temperament.  It is interesting that the internationally respected German rider Reiner Klimke was the architect of the "Young Horse" concept and he had the vision to realise that this was a way to achieve consolidation and a formula which would reward the breeder in a time frame that would give commercial benefits to the lines that were currently in his breeding barn.

djwtslogo150The Bundeschampionat in Verden, Germany is where Young Horse classes started ... and in Australia, D&JWTS is structured around this European concept.  The Australian event had it's inauguration in 1998 and in 2002 Dr Ulf Moeller from PSI was the visiting riding Judge and from that time the leading German producer and sales agent for top quality youngsters - Performance Sales International - have been the main name sponsor of the event.  Dr Ulf Moeller has given us assistance by way of his role as a judge and also the Saddlerworld Masterclass which is a highlight of this event and Ulli and Bianca Kasselmann visited Australia in 2010 to be part of the competition.

As we reflect on the development of ponies in the dressage sport, it is pleasing to see the huge increase in numbers and in 2011, the same qualification process that applies to the 4, 5 & 6 YO horses, being adopted for the ponies.  This has meant a noticable increase in the quality of the work that is all part of a structured and measured lead up to the big event.  For those who thought that the pony fad would not last, I am pleased to say they were wrong and with breeders like Dynamik Stallions in WA making such a huge investment to ensure that ponies for Australian riders and conditions we are set to experience a big leap into world rakings in the not too distant future. 

I asked Kristy Jarvis from Dynamik Stallions in Western Australia to tell her story and this hard working and 100% committed pony enthusiasts talks of her plan for 2012. 

Forward by Berni Saunders, A Level Dressage Judge, Pony Owner and Enthusiast.

Kristy Tells her Story: 
2011 has ended on a great note for the Dynamik Stallions Team. We had such amazing success with our two young stallions in Germany and they landed safely at their new home in Perth, Australia. We now have our team of four German Riding Pony Stallions at home with us.  They are all different and will give Australian breeders great diversity and choice - it is hard to say which one is my favourite, as they all have something special to offer.

It is a very big decision to buy a European horse/pony and face the many considerations of the big trip to Australia along with the quarantine process, so now that all of these things are behind us, we can look forward to putting into practise the plans that were part of the research and development that went into the decisions that were made quite some time ago.

Trussardi121211-350Golden Rock and Trussardi travelled very well on their huge journey from Germany and it was a huge relief when I saw the crate door open at Perth Airport and my two boy’s heads looking out of the door! They had both lost some muscle condition and were very hairy as their bodies were preparing for the German Winter, however since they have been clipped and had their new shoes put on they have been improving every day. Our new stallions have adapted very well to their new Aussie life and they love their time out in the paddock everyday alongside our stallions Don Philino and Top Der Da.

Trussardi has the most amazing character under saddle, he is such a cool man! He fears absolutely nothing and he has the mind of an old schoolmaster. He has been a dream to ride and is improving every week under saddle as he regains his strength and fitness. He has such amazing power, perfect natural rhythm and three excellent and correct paces. His awesome front end conformation makes it so easy for him to carry him himself in a great frame. I am really looking forward to taking our four year old out to compete at Preliminary and Novice Level Dressage this year. He is a true showman and loves people watching him perform and I am sure that he knows that he has two Bronze Bundeschampionate Medals to his name!

GoldenRock1211-350The baby of our stables is Golden Rock and I still cannot believe how lucky I am to own this boy. He has "Barbie Pony" looks and the most mind blowing movement. He has been an absolute delight to handle and ride and he has such an excellent work ethic under saddle. Despite the fact that he is also still rebuilding his strength and fitness, his paces give you the most amazing feeling under saddle and he has such a fantastic soft swing in the back. Of course I really look forward to Golden Rock being ready to start in his first Dressage Tests on Australian Soil.

To end the 2011 Season, Don Philino gained himself a second place at the FoSEC Dressage Challenge in Open Medium Dressage. We plan to compete him at Advanced/ Prix St George in 2012, he is doing super well in his training and his piaffe and passage are developing with great expression and he really enjoys these higher level movements.

TopDerDaChampion1211-350Top Der Da finished off the 2011 Season with a Champion Title! He was invited as a top 10 finalist for the year to the FoSEC Dressage Challenge Finals in Open Preliminary Dressage. He became the Champion Preliminary Horse for 2011! Top Der Da also competed in his first Open Elementary Dressage Tests. At his first competition at the State Equestrian Centre Dressage Challenge and was placed second! He will continue to campaign at Elementary Level at the start of 2012 and will be training his Medium Level work.

Another great part of 2011 was that we purchased an amazing German Riding Pony Filly at the Pony Forum Online Sales in September. Coco De Luxe has really fantastic paces and a super uphill front end which contributes to the super looseness that she shows through her shoulder combined with great hock action. She was bred by Mr Schartmann and Mr Litmeyer of Beesten, Germany.

Her Dam, State Premium Chansonette won the 2004 Jubiläums Show and has two licensed sons. One of the Licensed sons was the RESERVE CHAMPION Weser Ems Stallion of 2010 that was owned by DYNAMIK STALLIONS, D'Artagnan . Chansonette's sire Colano was a Champion at Elementary Level Dressage. Colano carries Oldenburg and Hanoverian warmblood lines in blood, including the Hanoverian sire Luciano who produced many talented jumpers and dressage horses. This blood is commonly seen in many performances horses in Australia and Europe and produces super rideable horses.

CocoDeLuxeTrot1211-350Her Sire Champion De Luxe is a very important line in the development of successful German Riding ponies. He was the winner of the Neustadt Dosse 30 day stallion test with a final score of 8.86. He was the Bundeschampion of Dressage Ponies in 2001 and 2002 and he has been a champion in Dressage up to L level (Elementary). Champion De Luxe has many successful progeny in sport as well as numerous licensed sons.

Coco De Luxe has a fabulous temperament to combine with her super paces and we hope that she will be a successful mare in the future. She is staying in Germany to be campaigned by the professional pony rider Danica Duen.

For Dynamik Stallions our breeding season is still continuing through until March, so things are very busy here. I am very much looking forward to the year ahead with our Dream Team of stallions. We have four different types of stallions to offer however they all have top class paces, excellent GRP bloodlines, excellent temperaments and rideability.

I am excited that Don Philino will have his first crop of Australian Foals under saddle this year. After seeing the success of his son Don Peppino at the 2011 Bundeschampionate, I think that there are going to be some awesome progeny here! His progeny have already had success In hand and it will be so great to see some riders enjoying them as much as I enjoy riding Don Philino.

I would like to thank our major sponsor HYGAIN feeds for their support in 2011, providing us with top quality feed and supplements to help our horses look and perform so well and Cyberhorse for the interest in performance ponies - this relatively new area of Dressage sport needs fans like Berni to get the news out there!

Also to our sponsors, JMC Equestrian for styling both myself and my stallions with top quality products and clothing from HKM, Animo Italia, Summary Fashion and Alexandra Ledermann.

I would like to wish everyone a very happy and successful New Year for 2012 and  I am sure it will be filled with excellent competition results and amazing GRP foals !!

Also Read about Kristy's ponies in Germany

or go to the Dynamik Stallions web site for more information about the stallions, brood mares, youngstock and news.

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