Triple Trees Prince Perfect Touches Down!

ridden200Very exciting news for Australian Dressage pony enthusiasts ... the stunning Dutch bred pony stallion Triple Trees Prince Perfect safely arrived on Sunday 22nd April and is now stationed with his new trainer Justine Greer in Victoria. 

A thrilled Rossanne Mason from Penmain Riding Ponies said, "He is just perfect and lives up to my most optimistic expectations.  You can imagine how I have been feeling since I decided to buy this pony a few months ago?  It is very pleasing to have him arrive safely and to observe his movement and presence in the flesh and the real bonus is his wonderful temperament.  I am now looking forward to the arrival of his first crop of foals - I know that is a way off and I should not get too far ahead of myself, but I am sure that he will be a "perfect" match with the mares that I have selected for movement, temperament and riding qualities. The next few years will see some big changes as there are now quite a few lovely pony stallions and they are set to change the style of Australian bred performance ponies." 

Above and Below - Triple Trees Prince Perfect Day 1 in Aus.


asprlogo120Rossanne added, "We can look forward to exciting times ahead in this arm of performance sport and there are lots of people taking an interest in the proven performance lines in order to upgrade the wealth of pony mares that Australia is lucky enough to have available for performance breeding programs.  The Assessment process undertaken by the ASPR (Australian Sports Pony Registry) has given the breeders a lot of support and some very helpful guidelines. Visit the ASPR web site for more."

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Triple Trees Prince Perfect  (Imp)

Registered Section A Riding Pony, Part Welsh, Arabian Derivative(15.1%), APSB Riding Pony.  Registered ASPR

Assessed Premier (elite) Stallion ACE/ASPR assessment at 81%

Born in Holland 2003
Licensed Premium stallion in Germany 2005

Champion Dressage Stallion in his performance test.

2007 Stallion of the year in Denmark

2008 Dressage stallion of the year

His first three foals also assessed premier with scores of 80%,  80.75% and 81.5% Height: 148 cm


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