ENSW Saddlehorse Announces Funding for Development Clinic

Wendy Cohen, Monday, 14 February 2011

It is with great pleasure that the Equestrian NSW Saddlehorse Development Committee announces the successful receipt of funding from Equestrian NSW to host a Junior Development Clinic. ENSW is committed to continual improvement and development of equestrian sport and has created the Special Projects Fund with a view to meeting this objective.  The clinic will be held later in the year.

The Junior Development Clinic aims to increase the knowledge and skills of junior saddlehorse members in regard to horsemanship specific to the saddlehorse discipline. The clinic will involve a mix of presentations and workshops that will provide knowledge as well as opportunities to practice new skills. Whilst the primary target is junior saddlehorse members, other junior ENSW members will also be invited.

Saddlehorse is often a pathway to other equestrian disciplines and is an important part of ENSW. The Junior Development Clinic will provide an opportunity to actively increase the competence of junior saddlehorse members.

A working party will be established involving junior members to ensure the Junior Development Clinic meets the needs of the Junior members.  Opportunities to become involved will be announced soon.

“We are incredibly grateful to Equestrian NSW for this opportunity to enhance the capacity of our junior saddlehorse members and  look forward to hosting this important event” Linda Goldspink-Lord (Chair, ENSW Saddlehorse Development Committee.)

For further information please contact Jo Cocksedge on 02 9620 2660.


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