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Horse and Pony Highlights 2012

(Un)bridled delights

Ekka wouldn't be the same without the majestic horses and the spectacular variety of events they compete in. The horse events draw some of the biggest and most passionate crowds at Ekka. Come along and find fun and excitement for the whole family.

Horses have a long history with Ekka, and this year the horses will take part in Thoroughbred Day, showjumping, campdraft, and an exhibition of more than 20 breeds.

Thoroughbred Day

Magnificent horses, fashions on the field take the spotlight as the glitz and glamour of a day at the races comes to Ekka on Thoroughbred Day. Cash and prizes worth $55,000 are at stake for Queensland's finest horses as they compete for the coveted title of Supreme Champion Thoroughbred. Men and women wear formal race attire as they lead their horses into the arena, and each winner receives a $250 prize.

Thoroughbred Day activities are in the Energex Community Arena.

World Cup Showjumping Qualifier

Showjumping champions from across Australia and overseas converge on Ekka to compete for $6500 in cash and prizes and the chance to qualify for the World Cup! This prestigious event will attract big crowds and should not be missed by any horse enthusiast!

Find the World Cup Showjumping Qualifier in the Energex Community Arena on B105 People's Day.


The popularity of horse competitions at Ekka has risen over the past few years and now there are more horse events than ever.

Winners of the Australian Stock Horse Hack mare, gelding and stallion categories will compete to be crowned Champion Australian Stock Horse Hack. The Highbury Cup recognises the best hack over 15 hands that shows thoroughbred qualities and is then eligible to compete for the Champion Hack of Queensland.

A fast and furious campdrafting competition pits riders and steeds against the clock to see who can round 'em up and bring 'em in the fastest!

Horse Breeds Expo

Almost 20 breeds of horse will feature in this year's Horse Breeds Expo. You can find feisty Shetlands, adorable giant Clydesdales, and US national breed, the Morgan Horse, which is noted for its courage and stylish appearance.

Find the Horse Breeds Expo in Animal Boulevard every day during Ekka.

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