Sydney SJ Club - Huge Entries 22nd July 2013

  Sydney Showjumping Club - Huge entries for competition day Sunday 22nd July 2013

JenniferWood400It was a chilly but highly successful competition day at Sydney Showjumping Club on Sunday 22nd July. Courses were designed by Mark Atkins and Juho Luveer. Judges were Linda Beneke, Joyce Brook and Denise Luveer. Coordinator Karinda Alpert said the grounds were in terrific conditions and there were very large entries.

Picture right - Jennifer Wood


 Full results 21st July 2013

 Class 1 60cm Junior (U18)  1 Madison Hudson Te-Deum  2 Natalie Woods Shimmer 3 Tahlia Cowan Magic Silver  4 Lauren Daly Monte Carlo  5 Caitlin Merritt Canadian Ruler.

 Class1 60cm ADULT  1 Sarah-Grace Jones Buddy  2 Amber Fuller Moondance  3 Crystal Conning Possum  4 David Cameron Neyo  5 Eloise Baracco Simba

 Class 2 70cm JUNIOR  1 Caitlin Merritt Canadian Ruler  2 Natalie Woods Shimmer  3 Tahlia Cowan Magic Silver  4 Victoria Cureton Missy  5 Georgia Apps Zac

 Class 2 70cm ADULT  1 John Cooper Kevin  2 Crystal Conning Possum  3 Sam Fasher Big Fish  4 Penny Austin  5 Andrew Inglis Vindolanda

 Class 3 80cm Junior (U18)  1 Sophie Smith Vivadale Warrior  2 Shanaye Cowan Mister Mac Mirrors  3 Anna Hill Kings Loyal Subject  4 Madison Hudson Te-Deum  5 Rebecca Sanford Aloha Desert Berry

 80cm Adult  1 John Cooper Kevin  2 Rebecca Nicols Vivaz  3 Andrew Inglis Vindalandi  4 Lauren Balcomb Lamondale Bisou  5 Milli Woods Cucinelli

 Class 4a 1.10m HEIGHT CLASS - Over 16 points - Official Grading Class  1 Jessica Langley Cabezo  2 Rebecca Donovan Noblewood Park Conchetta  3 Chadd Donovan Oaks Vedette  4 Chadd Donovan Romany Ego Z  5 Emily Mann Yandoo Spotnik NZPH

 Class 4b 1.10m HEIGHT CLASS - Up to 16 points - Official Grading Class  1 Tim Dreverman Retro Groovin  2 John Cooper Falcon Braddock  3 Rebecca Nicholls Caliente  4 James Arkins Bling Du Rouet  5 Jamie Winning Tulara Balouch

 Class 5 1.20m - Official Grading Class  1 Erin Roddy Penrose Sundance  2 Rhys Stones BS On Air  3 Ella Avery Yallambi Ultima  4 Jessica Langley Cabezo  5 Kirrily Mann BB Albury

Class 6 1.30m Official Grading Class 1. Sam Fasher on World News  2. David Cameron on Orchard Hill
3. David Cameron on Bellarose   4. Brook Campbell on Copabella Visage   5. Bridget Hansen on Shakespeare NZPH

 Class 7 85cm JUNIOR (under 18)  1 Rachel Peel PPP Snobmop  2 Elizabeth Crampton Pier Gynt Good Fortune  3 Christopher Wyatt Cojay  4 Carrie Swanston Subaltern  5 Madeline Sainty Gerri

 Class 7 85cm Open  1 Linda Dillenbeck Midday Spell  2 Karyn Bond Markus  3 Sophia Gostelow GP Premier Dollars  4 Ella Avery Bickley D'Artagnan  5 Angela Macleod Goron Toron Samurai

 Class 8 95cm JUNIOR (under 18)  1 Aoife Scanlan HDH Brandysnap  2 Claudia Kent Yasi  3 Jasmine Wayne Equestrian Excellence Zulu  4 Grace Reid Sallaway  5 Elizabeth Crampton Pier Gynt Good Fortune

Class 8 95cm Open  1 Andrew Inglis Ottis  2 Andrew Inglis Licaviv  3 Bettina Lathwell-Truman V
4 Rebecca Donovan-Oaks Contanza 5 Henrietta Wochnowski-Princess Fiona

Class 9 1.05m OPEN 1-Andrew Inglis-Ottis 2-Sienna Weir-Twins Pocket Watch 3-Nichola Fernidinos-Grand Invader  4-Aaron Hadlow-Vahlinvader 5-Yukie Omori-Kildara Victorius

RobynBall400As the demand and popularity for Showjumping events in the Sydney region continues to grow the Sydney Showjumping Club committee have announced another feature Competition Date to their Calender.

Picture left - Robyn Ball


Named “Sydney Jumps into Spring” it is to be held on the 18th August at their Clarendon grounds and will offer four rings with heights and divisions to suit all competitors.

The Super Course Design Panel comprising David Sheppard, Mark Atkins, David Lawrence, Juho Looveer, Robert Howarth & John Lucas will ensure first class  courses in all arenas.

All entries must be made via  and must be lodged by Wednesday August 14th @ 9pm. All entries must be paid for via credit card at time of entry and there will be no late entries accepted.   

Club President David Lawrence said, “We are proud to offer first class events at Clarendon and know that our continually improved grounds and equipment meet with the approval of all our competitors from Olympic to beginner level showjumpers.”

Sydney Showjumping Club continues also with training days and competition days each month right up until the final End of Year Championships on the weekend of the 30th November and 1st December. Competitors can find full details of all SSJC events on 

Chris Chugg on Baluga

Earnest Collins

Sharon and Kelly Slater

Kerry and John Winning




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